10 desks purchased – more needed

Many Verdigre Public School classrooms contain a mix of old and (sometimes) new desks, while others use banquet (folding) tables. The Verdigre Public School Foundation hopes to help the VPS Advisory board change this.

A run-down of what is needed:

Approximately 12 Science Lab tables. This is especially important as many experiments and/dissections are not safe to do on a banquet table, which is currently in use. Bumping the table and having a student spill chemicals or slip while holding a scalpel is not an option. As such, these tables have been identified as a priority. Purchased!

• Approximately 30 lab chairs, to be determined based upon the chosen Science Lab tables.

Approximately 20 Computer Lab task chairs, 20 classroom task chairs, 20 workstation tables and classroom counters – Currently, students are using banquet tables (folding tables) and chairs that cannot be adjusted. It is impossible to ergonomically type on a keyboard or use a mouse when the height cannot be adjusted on either your table or chair. This can be very taxing on a student’s wrists and posture and, as such, is also a priority.

• 30 English classroom student desks

• 10 Social Studies classroom student desks

• 10+ Music Room chairs

• 12 6th grade classroom chairs

• 21 Teachers’ desks (certified staff) – Teachers are using old, outdated desks that are as old (or older) than the student’s desks.

• Cemented Parking Lot (south) – This will help with water runoff and keep the school much cleaner, saving money on upkeep

• Press box sound system

• Football field lighting

• Stage Curtains

• Cafeteria tables